annie g's Email to Representative Dan Kildee

07/10/2009 15:25

I gave you a grade of F.  Your support of the cap and tax bill and the other tax and spend bills you have supported have convinced me you are not capable of representing the interests of any thinking human being.  And you comments about the incivility of the American people as exemplified by Rush Limbaugh and Bill O'Reilly solidifies my negative opinion of you.  Where have you been for the last sixteen years?  I have long been appalled by the adolescent behavior of members of the Democratic party and the loyal attact dogs that do their dirty work, in particular once I discoverred my tax dollars are going to pay them for doing it (ACORNO. I have witnessed the worse kinds of incivility during this period of time ever demonstrated in my lifetime.  It is not a pleasant thing to be around kids who routinely "wished" someone would shoot Pres. Bush.  It was not "fun" setting in a church I had attended for over 20 years while young kids enacted a play in which the setting president was "kidnapped" and "brainwashed" into accepting their belief system.  It is unfortunate you are so out of touch with what actually is going on in this country that you are either unaware or indifferant of your own parties attempts to demonize and marginalize any and all who do not subscribe to the belief in the "rightness" of your parties programs.  it is simply time for you to come home and stay here permanently because you are incapable of beina a leader for this area.  Lap dogs are worthless for anything except producing carbon dioxide.  We already have enough of that.   

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