Charlotte R's Email to Senator Lindsey Graham

07/14/2009 12:52

I gave you a grade of C. seems sometimes you wander away from being conservative. Right now conservatives need to stick together. Judges have as much time to prepare their answers as senators have to prepare questions for the confirmation hearings. You must look at her past. 50% of her decisions have been overturned by the Supreme court that she wants to become a part of. Her decisions can not be overturned on the Supreme Court. Please vote NO! Let the democrats take responsibility for her election, if she is put on the bench.

   Let the democrats take the responsiblity for the Energy Bill which is a backdoor tax and the National Health Care which more and more people are saying no to each day. Vote No on both of them ,they are both power grabs! Obama has already emptied the treasury, robbed the citizens and their grandchildren---all the American people want is for the spending to quit. It's groups like the corrupt ACORN that keeps pushing health care.Obama's administration has used arm twisting and threats to get hospitals and WalMart to sign on. He is an expect in the Saul Alinsky 'rules for radicals' at overloading the system to break it down. The public is fed up--no more bills, no more spending. There is a march on D.C. planned for Sept.

                                                                  Charlotte Rice Conway S.C.

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