John S's Email to Representative Albio Sires

07/16/2009 05:14

I gave you a grade of F. 

I am writing you to express my concern about the Health Care bill that is being stonewalled through congress. Apparently congress has no idea (or just doesn't care) what impact this bill will have on US citizens who are satisfied with their present health care.

This bill is one of the most important pieces of legislation impacting senior citizens.and you want to rush the bill through congress without debate or time for representatives to read the bill. You should be ashamed of yourself. Perhaps if you were required to subscribe to the healthcare programs the rest of the country is forced to, rather that the congressional healthcare program (as well as social security), you would be more receptive of concerns your constituents have.

For the first time in my life I have taken a proactive response to what is happening to MY COUNTRY. Thanks to the FOX network and conservative talk radio hosts, I have become more aware (and alarmed) of what my representivies are going to America. I have attended two tea parties (April 15 and July 4) and have vowed to do what I can to return America back to the people. I am including a link to Bob Basso's "Thomas Paine" which expresses concerns I have with what is being done to my country.

The Second American Revolution - We The People

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