Venus B's Email to Senator Chuck Grassley

07/20/2009 23:11

I gave you a grade of F.  Sen. Grassley we have called your DC office for several months now requesting your stanz on "term limits" for congress.  NO answer as of today.  This should not surprise us, DC bureaucrats, yes including you, Harkin, Braley, and on and on, are so entrenched in the undisclosed workings in DC that you forget, you DO NOT work for the president or any lobbyists except us legal citizen. taxpaying voters out here.  Stand up for us or get out.....You politicians forget that earning a living out here is not easy, we don't all get a wage of some $173+ a year, plus all the "benefits" and "perks" for doing almost nothing. And whatever it is that you actually manage to do, ends up costing us citizens even more of our hard earned $$$ and removes our liberties and freedoms from us. 

Please do us all a favor and don't run in 2010.....go back to your farm and retire on your gov't. welfare pension....we can't afford your "dealings" in DC anymore.

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