Charlene F's Email to Representative Tom Cole

07/21/2009 22:04

I gave you a grade of D.  Your story in Sunday's paper is clearly demonstrative of the problems in the Republican Party.  It is not President Bush or the Iraq war.  It is the spineless Republican Representative and Senators who will/did not stand up for President Bush or his leadership.  Those of you who listened to the vocal Democrat leadership and the main-stream media are the reason the reason the Democrats got into power in '06.  You did not challenge what was said by the opposition - the mistakes in reporting, the outright lies, and the incredible hateful things that were said about President Bush. How can you say the war in Iraq was a mistake?  Our country has been safe.  Would it have been if there had not been a war in Iraq?  We do not know.  Thank God for President Bush. 

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