Frederick M's Email to Senator Lindsey Graham

07/27/2009 15:32

I gave you a grade of F. I was thinking of a D but your caving in to POLITICAL PRESSURE was too much.  You can start packing your bags because you will NOT be there after your next election cycle. I just fear what trash you can stirr up before we can get you out of there.  The Sotomayor travesty has guaranteed you will not get a single vote from any Firefighter in this state, and probably no LEO's or EMS personnel either.  You have countless times buddied up to McCain, He will not be in his office too much longer either.  The people of Arizona are as disghusted with him as we are with you, and YOU are one of the reasons I got away from the RINO party in this state.  I for one am ready to start a petition to give a vote of No Confidence against you.

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