Dennis W's Email to Senator Susan M. Collins

08/05/2009 20:05

I gave you a grade of F. Because you have worked hard to earn that F.

If you truely tyhink that Cash for Clunkers is a great idea and saves any part of the Environment, Think Again.

The tax payers are paying to scrap perfectly good parts, never miond the engine. Pollute the environment scraping that car, Pollute the environment fabricating replacement parts.

That Windshield, Door Glass, Doors, Transmission, Wheels, tires etc etc still have a value, far more that the price per pound for scrap. Give Mainers a break, let them buy a replacement part from that Clunker for maybe a third of the cost of a new one and put it to good use for some more years.

How much do you think it pollutes to scrap that vehicle, smelt down the metal and fabricate prelacement parts??? I suspect far more fossil fuels and elements are wasted fabricating new parts than reusing those older parts.

You really need to get out and walk around the state and talk to the people who elected you. They thought they re-elected a Conservative Republican.



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