Theodore P's Email to Senator Susan M. Collins

08/30/2009 14:25

I gave you a grade of F.

Dear Senator Collins,

Since you are my Senatorial representative I am writing to express my profound frustration with your continued voting in support of the liberal agenda.

I am disturbed by the extreme left-wing course chosen by the Obama administration and the Democrat controlled Congress for our country. As a registered republican I have supported you in every past election and I hope you can appreciate my disappointment over your continuing support of their ultra-liberal agenda.
I am sorry but it does not take a genius to recognize the blatantly socialistic issues that both you and your fellow “Republican” Senator from Maine have supported. You profess unbiased cooperation with the left for the betterment of our nation and that is a mockery of the honest intent of “bipartisanship.” 

So, unless there is a serious and immediate change in your “bipartisan support” for all things liberal, including socialized healthcare, I assure you will never again enjoy my financial support nor receive my vote for re-election.


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