disgusted i's Email to Senator Lindsey Graham

09/10/2009 13:59

I gave you a grade of F. 

THANK GOD!!!!  FINALLY one of our SC representatives has shown some passion--AND GUTS.  Certainly lacking in you, Lindsey Graham.   You wouldn't even hold townhall meetings and face your constituents!!!  How sad, gutless, and shameful is that!!!!!!!

GO JOE!!!!!  BE THE LEADER THAT SC NEEDS AND WANTS.  A liar is a liar no matter how you try to spin it!!!!!!!!!  READ THE BILL and you'll see just how many lies they are continuing to perpetuate--like we are ignorant fools!!!!!!!!!!

It's time for a change.  JOE WILSON for SC SENATOR IN 2016!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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