Beth S's Email to Representative Don Young

09/21/2009 17:11

I gave you a grade of A.  Keep an eye on Acorn--they appear to be very corrupt and should receive zero funding.  And, if there is a health care plan, I want EVERYONE on it--including legislators, families, staff........but let's not rush into any government health care plan for all.  There are many more possibilities before letting the government get involved so deeply into our personal lives, our health and our finances!  Let's look outside the box and see what else could be done to open up competition between insurance companies before we resort to another entitlement program.  Why can't insurance companies compete across state lines?

We've spent enough of the stimulus without much progress.  And the cash for clunkers -- did you see some of those cars that had to be destroyed??  What a pity.  There should have been another plan for using the good vehicles were used in the program.  Another good idea gone a bad.

Although we don't always agree, I do appreciate that you are listening to the constituents and thank you for your service to Alaska.

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