wayne l's Email to Senator Susan M. Collins

09/30/2009 13:02

I gave you a grade of F. How does it feel to be nationally known on all media outlets as ONE OF MAINE'S wild card swing votes for the democrats? Republicrat?....Demican?...Whats the difference?I am changing my registration from Republican to Independant and next election I will likely vote for a Democrat.That way the voting record will be the same but at least I will get what I voted for and may be get a real REPUBLICAN on the following election.       Next item..No to the massive healthcare bill ( highway robbery for the baby boomers medicare benifits to care for the illegals flooding the country). Real reform should include open competition in all states between all healthcare insurers to reduce costs, tort reform as in Texas, tax incentive support for HSA/catastrophic health insurance programs and Keep the gov't out of the rest of it!!!!!!!!!!!!!       Last item.... No to cap and trade as the planet is actually cooling and our economy cannot stand the cost ( just another hidden tax).

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