Dave S's Email to Representative Christopher H. Smith

05/18/2009 07:09

I gave you a grade of F. because I can't really figure out what you have done in the 20 some years as a Congressman.  Beside towing the line and being Mr. Partyline, you have done absolutely nothing for this state.  20 some years, so like the rest of the Washington idiots, you were there for the financial meltdown.  For 20 years and you doing nothing about the situation.  Please don't tell me you tried, when the Repblicans had control of Congress you did nothing to straighten out Fannie or Freddie.  You are as much to blame as Barney Frank and Nancy Pelosi.  If you had any guts and wanted to talk about real change, then be a man and propose a law for term limits for you and all your flunkies in the Congress and Senate.  Do us all a favor and leave government and the state you dirtbag.

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