Frederick M's Email to Senator Lindsey Graham

10/02/2009 08:55

There is an old saying that goes, "It is best to be thought a fool than to open your mouth and remove all doubts."  Well You have removed all doubts, not that I ever had any because when you teamed up with McCain I had no doubts.  You are a cheap carbon copy of him, shallow and out for no one but yourself.  If you had any real knowledge of the people of our state you would know that both Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck do not just speak for the middle of the country but for the VOTERS in SOUTH CAROLINA as well.  Your recent comments about both of those Patriots have real;ly sealed your doom, and I will make sure to remind the voters in South Carolina the next time you run that you are filling Fritz Hollings chair and are continuing to make stupid statements like he did and embarrasing the state.   Its time for term limits and yours is past due.   You Sir are an insult to the state of South Carolina.  RESIGN now so we will not have to kick you out of office at the next election!

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