Frederick M's Email to Senator Lindsey Graham

10/12/2009 11:50

I gave you a grade of F, because I am tired of your stupid actions.  Are you totally out of your tree? I warned you about buddying up with McCain now you are playing footsie with Kerry on the climate fiasco.  Have you looked outside lately?  There are parts of the country that are getting Snow Storms today  WHere is your global warming?  That is a FARCE! just like your so called membership in the republican party.  Your stand on Tax and Spend sickened me and now your latest "reaching across the isle' action has totally disghusted me.  Do the people of SC a favor and RESIGN before we have to toss your sorry butt out of office.  TERM LIMITS NOW!  and yours has long been up.   You need to go to and see what people think of you.

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