Ronald C's Email to Senator Bob Corker

10/14/2009 14:24

I gave you a grade of D. You are on the wrong side of Cap and Trade, Audit the Fed as well as bailouts. If you support federal health care "reform" your grade will go to an F.

You have disappointed me time and time again with actions that appear to be very much like the 'go along to get along' with the established GOP representing corporate lobbies instead of those who elected you.

Your boilerplate responses, though clever and slick, do not indicate where you stand or what action you will take according to what should be a clear policy based upon the Constitution and what used to be the Republican way.

You and your fraternal twin, Lamar Alexander, are perfect examples of why the methods of election and  accountability for US Senators should go back to the State's Congress with its (appropriate) recall process.

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