Joseph W's Email to Senator Lindsey Graham

10/23/2009 09:36

I gave you a grade of D.  your positions on immigration,  and cap and trade  will not help this country at all imo.   you seem to want to compremise with the dems at every corner.  you dont seem to realize that slowly the giving in to their crazness lets them make minor gains and over time we have what we have today .  a president  bent on making us a socialist type nation by redistribeing wealth.  my grandfather got off the boat in 1917  leagally  .  his chrildren were raised in new york during the depression  fought in wwII  and had children.  all of which went on to formal educations  except myself.. all with soscialist political views. many were  educators . 

the changes made in our country in my lifetime are many  .  i am 64  but the basic principals and morals and Godly beleifs  that were ingrained in us have been retaught with political correctness  ie  prayer in schools  aboration  on and on.  your compromiseing positions  and willingness to do so are harmful to our country and to republicians and conservatives all over.  we have to stop being willing to give the inch which winds up the whole arm.  the democratic far left maybe  making gains currently  but our country is center right and we will return to power sooner then they beleive.  so please stop asking us to change our views to be more accomadating.  i servered our country 1963 to 1967.  i took an oath to defend our nation.  never did i think it would mean defend it against fellow citizens but i beleive its coming to that.  i am against public health care.  i support improving our health care system   thats the compromise.  i am against cap and trade.  i support improving our control over the air and polution but within reason.  not like the california crap.  i support helping a neighbor in hard times.  not poor people who are unwilling to help themselves. if i lived my life and had 3 kids 2 adopted btw.  and they are doing well then anybody can succeed in this country if they try.  so please change your thinking or join the democrats  thank you joseph wilson  beaufort sc  not the congressman although i agree with him our presifent is not truthful.  passing laws behind closed doors etc. 

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