Les B's Email to Senator Sheldon Whitehouse

10/27/2009 17:15

I am paying more than $1200 per month for Blue Cross for myself and my wife. This is an outrage. It is more than my mortgage and property taxes combined. This year I have also paid over $2000. in deductables (not including co-pays) and am still required to pay more. This is unaffordable.

If reform is needed, this is where. If the US wants to cover more people who can't afford any insurance, expand Medicaid for them, then address the fleecing of the middle class by the current health insurance system.

Please do not go alomng with the Pelozi and Obama programs to destory the current system. I don't want to end up in some government run insurance pool when I am priced out of my insurance. Instead plese work to make current insurance more affordable, eliminate the unfair "prior existing condition" scam, and make the tough decision to support tort reform to stop escallating costs being passed on to the consumer.

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