Jim S's Email to Senator Chuck Grassley

11/08/2009 10:07

I gave you a grade of B.  I am very disappointed, as I know you are, that the House passed the Health Care Reform Bill.  I believe that if it is good enough for us poor schmooks that have to tolerate it and pay for it, it is good enough for all citizens of the U.S. including elected officials.  I also think that if Social Security and Medicare is good enough for us then it should be good enough for elected officials.  Elite is a word that should not be associated with elected officials.  You are our employees,  and really should be part time employees to boot. 

I am 68 years old and during my lifetime there have been numerous threats to our great country.  None of which is as serious as the one that now goes to work in the White House and Capitol building every day.  Get rid of all of this unnecessary spending and get rid of the elitist attitude that spawns it.  PLEASE work for us not against us. 

I have given you a grade of B.  I think that is a fair grade.  I wouldn't give anyone an A. 

In the future I will vote anti-incumbent.  Not as a statement of what kind of job that someone has done, but as a statment my growing distrust of long term incumbents that have lined their pockets with the gold of the citizens.  I understand that with the passage of time most everyone prospers.  I would suggest that the proportion of long term incumbents in Congress who are millionaires is far greater than those in public sector whose career has spanned the same time frame as long term incumbents and whose income from "honest" labor has also matched up with the incumbents.  I wonder where all of that wealth has come from.

I really do believe that you give honest efforts on behalf of the citizens of Iowa.  In spite of the negative tone of this letter, I appreciate those efforts.  However, I will vote anti-incumbent on all elected officials at all levels because a vote for an incumbent is a vote for status quo and I certainly am unhappy with what is happening at all levels of government. 

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