Dale F's Email to Representative Zoe Lofgren

05/20/2009 08:56

I gave you a grade of F. You are a civil servant but you have become a career politician. Your time has come to go. Go home, get a job and face reality. The reality you and your fellow democrat cronies force the rest of us to face each day. Stop spending our money like a drunken sailor [apologies to drunken sailors]. We need more electric power plants, we need more water storage, we need to let that little smelt die off and give water to our farmers so people can work and grow food to feed our population and our economy. You politicians are so out of touch with the population it is disgusting. I have become a very angry activist thanks to you ignorant, stubborn and partisan democrats. I will work VERY hard to see career politicians get the boot. You have opened my eyes and what I see is shocking.

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