rick c's Email to Senator Susan M. Collins

11/20/2009 15:50

I gave you a grade of D.I realize I was being a little generous because I'm a reasonable guy.The one thing that really burned me up today was reading about a $100 million bribe given to another senator for her vote.That may be the way on Capitol Hill but that is going to come to an end.Americans are going to try and clean up some of the corruption and dishonesty that is running rampant in Washington,and we hope to send a message with the upcoming elections of 2010 and 2012.People have started to realize that bringing home the pork ends up costing them many more dollars in the end.That pork comes home and after awhile begins to smell,and then what,you need to throw it out.You need to get your spending under control,maybe that will help to bring your grade up.Talk to your colleagues and tell them there is a lot more homework to be done on spending or they are going to spend themselves out of a job.   Than you 

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