Beatrice G's Email to Senator Chuck Grassley

11/24/2009 13:36

I gave you a grade of B. I was encouraged when you were on the committee to write the health care bill thinking you would at least be able to keep an eye on things so we aren't stuck with such deplorable legislation. Now, we need you to speak loud and clear in the debates in the Senate. What a mess this is going to be if passed. We can't let it happen. Since when has our government turned into what resembles the Mafia? Fining and throwing people in jail for not buying health insurance? What? How rediculous is that? And how will that be funded? Maybe we'll all go to jail and there won't be anyone left to pay for anything! Please, Senator Grassley, do whatever you have to do to stop this garbage. I went to a website recommended by Senator Harkin that supposedly tells the truth about this health care bill. Why should we believe that site when there are others posted by the White House that aren't factual. I refer to the site for reporting jobs saved/created with the stimulus money. It's full of made up districts where the money went! I do not trust the administration, especially our president. He is a poor excuse for a president and has his own agenda - which seems to be to destroy this country. Help us stop him from hurting us any more than he already has. I've said it before and need to say it again - fix what's there, take care of those who need it and leave the rest of us alone. What is going to be said to those still left out if the new health care bill goes into affect? Has anyone thought about that? It's disgusting! Thank you.

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