Thomas T's Email to Representative Peter A. DeFazio

12/19/2009 15:36

I gave you a grade of F.  Currently, your position is in the United States House of Representatives.  However, you do NOT represent me or my views.

Abortion is the ultimate child abuse.  Several times, you have voted to allow the procedure of abortion to continue in our country and our state.  Therefore, even though you may not have been in the room when an abortion was performed, you, sir, in my opinion, are a Pedophile.  The innocent fetus in the womb deserves the same respect a convicted murderer deserves.  Abortion should be authorized, by a judge, just the same as a judge ordering an execution.  The result of both procedures is the same.  The death of a human.  The only difference is that the fetus is innocent.

Thank you for your time, A Vietnam-Era Veteran

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