Linda S's Email to Representative Dan Kildee

12/28/2009 16:00

I gave you a grade of F. because won't don't listen.  So, we almost had another terriost attack.  We already had an attack at Ft. Hood and the attack at Ft. Hood was a terriost attack.  This attack would have been in my state and yours.  Yet, you are so fixed on putting a health care plan we DON'T WANT!.  Why don't you pay attention to the people in your district?  The health care won't give us jobs it will take away jobs and you know it.  We will lose doctors and people will die.  Why would you care you will have health care so it won't affect you.  At least we can finally vote you out of office.  We need someone in office that will really work for the people.  I am asking that you vote against this madness and focus on jobs and protecting us like President Bush did. 

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