Linda S's Email to Representative Dan Kildee

01/28/2010 17:07

I gave you a grade of F. because you're still not listening to the people that put you in office.  We don't want the health care bill.  We don't want the take over of our rights.  We don't want the government telling us who can live or who should die.  We don't want to be owned by CHINA.  We need jobs, yet you are trying to take us over through health care or whatever else Obama comes up with.  Now, to the person that is reading this e-mail you really should tell Mr. Kildee how mad the people are.  He is still voting on the side of Pelosi which is a big mistake.  It is time Kildee stands up for the people and not the party he is part of.  It is time he is voted out of office. 

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