Dave S's Email to Representative Christopher H. Smith

02/16/2010 10:48

I gave you a grade of F. less then a year away from you not representing our community anymore.  Twenty years of nothing, that's what you accomplished.  Don't let the doors of Congress hit you to hard in the ass when we vote you out.  You are a total disgrace to our state, you are the typical politician that stands up strong for getting yourself reelected instead of what is best for the state.  Voting for cap and trade, how is raising our energy cost in one of the highest taxed states going to help us.  Yo are nothing but a bafoon, take a lesson from Senator Byah and retire.  Say yourself the embarrassment of being trounced in your election.  You really havn't realized how many of us that voted for are working against you in hopes that your reign in Congress ends this year.

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