Larry S's Email to Representative Christopher H. Smith

02/20/2010 09:41

I gave you a grade of F. You betrayed the converservative beleifs of your constituents when you voted for Cap and Tax. This has angered your base more than you know. You are misreading the public. If you think ramming anything close to the senate or house bills on health care, or a new jobs bill, down the peoples throat is what they want, you are completely out of touch. If you use reconciliation or an iterative approach, rather than a bi-partisan methodology to fix the best health care system in the world, all polititians, Republican,s Democrat and/or Independants, who participated in this sleezy process, will hear from the people later this year and again in 2012. Do not use this approach. You work for us. Start listening AND STOP SPENDING!

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