Patricia B's Email to Senator Jeff Merkley

03/01/2010 15:55

I continue to give you a grade of F.   Scrap the one trillion dollar health care proposal  It is time to start over. Listen to the voices of the people, don’t insist on passing a bill that Americans don’t want.   As a taxpayer, I object to adding one trillion dollars to our debt. As a taxpayer, I can’t afford to pay additional taxes to pay for a health care bill that I don’t want or need.  As a taxpayer, I don't want my taxes funding abortions.  As a voter I will make you listen to me at the ballot box in November, if you refuse to listen now.  I want Democrats and Republicans to work together to solve our problems. I want bipartisanship in dealing with any reforms that need to be made to health care. I want a new bill that doesn’t have secret, backroom deals attached to it. I want a new bill that encourages wellness. I want a new bill that is drafted in the open, in front of the American people. I want a new bill that will lower costs, increase choice, and keep the government out of the process. 

Let’s start over and get it right this time.

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