bill C's Email to Senator Ron Wyden

03/13/2010 21:05

I gave you a grade of F. Since you seem not to care about anyone's opinion, on the health care bill except your own, and are still going to vote for its passage again, I have no reason to see that you stay in office any longer. Nobody in their right mind would ever pass such a bill as what you're about to vote on. Your boss, obama, has failed in every campaign promise he made except one, and that was, and I quote: "In 5 days we're going to fundamentally transform America." That was the ONLY true statement he has made and NOW seeing what he really meant by that, it only proves how corrupt he is. Instead of just voting along party lines, get a backbone and vote against this health care bill that 75% of the nation doesn't want. It might just save your job, come November.

If you decide not to listen to the people, I'll do my part to see that you might have to seek another avenue of employment this year, because you will definitely NOT get my vote again.

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