Doris G's Email to Representative Don Young

03/15/2010 19:56

I gave you a grade of B.  Please don't pass bill S881.  A large private corporation like Sealaska should not be able to destroy established communities like Edna Bay, Port Protection, and Port Baker.  This bill is all about money and not about what the natives have due them.  Please help us stop this bill!  They have thousands of acres to choose from, they do not need to cherry pick Southeast Alaska.  Sealaska Corp. acts like the SE Alaska Mafia.  We have bought lots from the state of Alaska and built our homes here.  If Sealaska takes over most of Kosciusko Iland it will destroy our economic base, such as timber sales to support our school, personal free use timber, tourist for hunting and fishing and much much more.  Please reconsider this bill.   Thank you for your time.  Doris Greif, Edna Bay, Alaska

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