Susan M's Email to Senator Charles E. Schumer

03/17/2010 10:18

A well deserved F. You progressive morons have done nothing but ruin this country. You are a PUTZ in every sense of the word. You Kucinich, Slaughter, Pelosi, Reid and Obama really must hate America. Why else would you be trying so hard to destroy it. This used to be the land of the free but you want to tell us how to live our lives. STAY OUT OF MY LIFE! I will live the way I choose to live. I will smoke , drink even get fat if I choose. You have no right ot DICTATE how I live. Once you have control of health care I can imagine how you will be all the more tyrannical. Stay the hell away from me and my Doctor.  YOU DISGUST ME YOU VILE PIECE OF FILTH.

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