HENRY P's Email to Representative John P. Sarbanes

03/17/2010 21:37

I gave you a grade of F Congressman because of your voting record. I have written you before and called your office offering to meet face to face to discuss the issues and for my efforts received a form letter in return explaining why you supported the legislation. You did not even bother to hold a Town Hall meeting on health care but opted for a telphone version of it where you could control the situation and not hear up close and personal the messages that the people of the 3rd district wanted and needed to express. In my humble opinion you have in a very short period of time forgotten who gave you the opportunity to serve as Congressman for the 3rd district. It should be an honor and a priviledge not a life long entitlement. I find it difficult to put into words the frustation and down right disgust I have for this congress and current administration. Although the majority of American citizens have indicated that they do not support the Health Care Reform currently being shoved down our throats you along with many democratic Congressman and Senators continue to ignore what we are saying. I am in favor of health care reform but I don't think you need to create another massive entitlement, which historically the federal government has proven time and again of not being able to manage. The games being played in Washington are insulting to the citizens of America. Why not start over an adopt a few commonsense policies that would have immediate effect with minimal cost. One of the most important issues we face is the economy and unemployment. THE ECONOMY AND UNEMPLOYMENT SHOULD BE THE PRIORITY OF THIS CONGRESS AND ADMINISTRATION, NOT HEALTH CARE REFORM. PLEASE LISTEN FOR A CHANGE.


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