Marilyn F's Email to Senator Charles E. Schumer

03/18/2010 13:37

I gave you a grade of F because your time in office has been totally unproductive for ALL NYS residents - Downstate and Upstate. Your stand on overall government spending, healthcare, cap & trade & so many other matters over the years has  been underwhelming. Your recent inappropriate outburst at a flight attendant was a a disgrace not only as a representative of NYS but as a gentleman. Your puppet from upstate was a useless whimp. The residents of NYS do not want the changes proposed for healthcare. Your continued support of this debacle will surely have you booted out of office and then you'll then get a cushier job as a lobbiest.  Wake up and listen to the residents of NYS.  They pay your salary and you are to be voting their wishes not your wishes and those of the Pelosi/Obama regime. As the phones to your 3 offices have been blocked/busy for the last 4 months this is the only means of contacting you.


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