Alexandra Z's Email to Representative Bill Pascrell

07/17/2010 09:01

Your grade for today is FU.  I couldn't decide which scumbag I wanted to grade today but somone I know from your district was cursing you up and down today so you are my choice.  First of all, I just wanted to let you know that I am educating all my friends and family to get the vote out  --- AGAINST ALL OF YOU COMMUNIST BASTARDS!!

Good news!! I know quite a few people in your district who don't ordinarily vote in the November elections.  Guess what!  I have asked them all to cast their votes for Roland Straten and they said yes!!   I have given them the facts about you and they don't like your voting record. 

Get ready for your pink slip in November.   BTW, what is your BMI?  Mine is none of your business asshole!! 

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