Richard D's Email to Senator Susan M. Collins

07/20/2010 13:23

I gave you a grade of F for being a Democrat masquerading as a Republican.  Here we go again, both Snowe and Collins proving once more that they are nothing but Democrats masquerading as Republicans.  Both have repeatedly supported the out of control spending from Washington, which now includes the new entitlement program called unemployment benefits that these two RINOS will ensure passes.  Who cares if the current administration is spending this country into oblivion, we have a president with a no limit credit card and he likes using it.  Those in Washington that tried to stand firm and demand the bill be paid for or taken out of unused TARP money were right, and would seem they are the only ones that finally get it.  Our country is being run by tax and spend liberals, and both Snowe and Collins need to come out of the closet and given Maine voters a real choice.  I for one will NEVER support either in another election.  They are both the worst form of pond scum pretending to work for us, no level of moral, ethical, or honesty from either.

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