Gary P's Email to Representative James R. Langevin

08/22/2010 06:16

I gave you a grade of F.

A grade of “F” is way too good for you. You Sir and the crony crowd of Pelosi, Reid, Dodd, Boxer, and good old Chucky S. are the most despicable bunch of government elected sleaze bags ever seen in America. You just don’t get it. The American people don’t want this health care, or the corrupt cap and trade bill shoved down their throats. Wake up and get some honesty and integrity back in government. It’s hard to believe this great democracy is now being directed like the Chicago Mafia, with the great messiah at the head. SAD TIME IN AMERICA!!!!!!!!!. The American people will rise up against you bunch of socialist pigs.

We will be watching for all the lies your great messiah has promised on this idiot bill, especially the $2500 a year saving on our health care insurance. Ha! What a joke!!! If this health care bill is so great, why in the hell don’t you phony politicians be required to carry the same coverage? It’s a travesty what’s going on in this great country. You Sir are nothing more than then one of Obama’s little group of vermin’s. Pack your suitcase you old crony, time for you and the rest of the crony crowd to be voted out. We must get term limits in this country to guard against socialist pigs like you.


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