Richard D's Email to Senator Susan M. Collins

06/01/2009 09:27

I gave you a grade of F today for being a liar.  You claim to be a republican but vote with the democrats on all spending issues.  You have helped bury generations with the largest expansion of government EVER.  Your support of a liberal agenda, which includes your own pork barrel spending projects, is a disgrace to everyone that thought you were a responsible vote.  Now you need to come out of the closet and declare yourself a democrat before you show your continued liberal support by voting for Sotomayer.  We can no longer afford elitists like you in Washington stealing the hopes and dreams of future generations.  You have helped to assure that our generation leaves nothing to our children and grandchildren but a mountain of debt, fascism, and despair.  History will judge our generation harshly, and you Collins will be high on the list of contempt.  Get out of Washington now.

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