AJ H's Email to Senator Mike Crapo

02/23/2011 12:52

All this talk I've heard about discretionary spending is a waste of breath. If somehow non-defense discretionary spending was cut to zero for 2011 we'd still be $700 billion short for just one year! If anyone wants to actually reduce the federal debt they first need to convince the government to spend LESS than it makes. This is called having a balanced budget. To do so ALL federal spending (defense, social security, medicare, everything) must be cut by at least a third or we need to double everyone's taxes. Our situation is like Aron Ralston's when he got pinned in the canyons of UT. Curl up and die or make the hard choice and amputate his hand with a pocket knife. To anyone in office I say this: Amputate now or fill out a death certificate for the government because I don't see any other way out in the long term.

A.J. Hodges
Rexburg, ID

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