Richard S's Email to Representative Bill Huizenga

02/24/2011 16:49

I gave you a grade of A. So far-so good.  Keep plugging away at defunding obamacare and keep voting to reel in our out of control spending.  Do not give in.  A gov shutdown is a much better choice than continuing the current spending levels.  There should not be any extension of the CR on the Budget unless there are equal monthly cuts to support the $60 Bil cuts proposed in this years budget.  We should roll back to the annual spending of the whatever year that equal our current revenues.  If that is 2006, fine, 2004 fine.  We must balance the budget, period.

Also, obamacare mandated that insurance companies spend 85% of premiums on coverage.  Why shouldn't this 85% apply to the Dept of Education and the Dept of Energy.  Why should a DoE program of $42.7 Bil to support alternative energies only be able to loan out $18 Bil?  What happened to the $24.7 Bil?

I personally believe these two departments should be eliminated strictly on the basis of failing to achieve their objectives when created.

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