Linda R's Email to Senator Richard Burr

05/29/2011 15:51

You earned a grade of F.

In my opinion, RINOs like you are more complicit in the destruction of freedom in America than Democrats; primarily because we already know what they are, but you lied about who you are. You campaigned as one type of representative; now you govern as the opposite. You pretended to be concerned about out-of-control government spending and autocratic bureaucrats. Now we know it was merely an act to get re-elected.

To add insult to injury, in the name of more government overreach, you co-sponsored the Food Safety and Modernization Act. The bill's name alone is a joke, but the sad fact is that the real joke is on us, the voters who put you back in office. Who were you paying off by sponsoring that bill? What did you gain by it?

There was a lesson to be learned in the '10 election. Obviously you didn't learn it. But we did. We will never trust your word again. You big-government, big-spending RINOS will soon be extinct. Karma's a bitch, but in your case, well-deserved.

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