Kenneth B's Email to Senator James M. Inhofe

07/11/2011 16:33

I gave you a grade of F because I am fed up with all the perks you are passing for yourselves and ignoring us little people.  You exempt your selves form obamacare.  You don,t have your staff people pay back student loans.  You vote you cost of living increases, but you don,t give a s**t about us small folks that have spent our working for the governmnet.  27 years with postal service. 6 years US Army reserve.  You took 60% of my social security away from me.  The postal service can't even figure my high 3 years correctly.  I am being cheated out of aoorx $40 each month.    If you can't figure it out I will give yoy a clue how you can help Americe.  The CBO has told you Obama Care is going to raise the deficet-Repeal it!!!!! Hire a private company to administer medicare.  The damm government can't run it-you need to stop the abuse of the funds.  Take the keys to AF1- jet fuel isn't free.  The dumm ass president does not understand that!!!! The firs lady should not have her own plane.  You fat cats up there need to sacrafice just as the American people are having to do, get rid of the szars.  We don't need people making policy that are not responsible to no one.  Drill, Driilk for oil.  At this point I wouldn't vote for any one now in office up there.  Congress has a 9% approvan rateing-where did they find that may DA's that think the reteing shoud be that high.  If it sounds like I am mad , your thinking is right on.  See you at the polls next election.  Other than that, have a wonderful day

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