Roxanne G's Email to Representative Tom Cole

07/14/2011 20:59

I gave you a grade of A. Thank you for taking an interest in trying to stop all of the executive orders that obama is signing. I find it appauling that the republicans haven't done anything or said anything about all of the executive orders this man is signing. If the republicans are just going to ignore it and let obama do one executive order after another then what is the point of having a congress? We could certainly use their paychecks to solve the debt crisis for awhile. I have noticed that some of the things that have been put in place to help the president in times of need obama has abused to suit his ideological politics. I'm so angry that nothing has been done to stop this president with all of his abuses. I hope that the orders that he has signed will be able to be repealled. There have been so many of them I hope that the republicans are keeping count as to which ones he has written. This may have been a great idea in the beginning with an honorable president, but with a dishonorable president like we have now it has become an abomination to the country and our congress. If the congress hasn't voted on these orders they should not be made law. That gives obama the roll of monarch and the last time I looked our country is suppose to be a Republic. These abuses need to be stopped. Please educated the public about the executive orders and expose obama and his abuses of the orders to the public. Repeal the executive orders fast. Thank you for your time and effort. America needs more like you to save our country.

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