scott r's Email to Senator Chuck Grassley

06/04/2009 16:06

I gave you a grade of F. What is really sad about that, Chuck, is the fact you have the highest ranking of any of Iowa's federal elected officials. But you earned this grade, Chuck.

You have abandoned Conservative principles. You cover for the Federal Reserve. You voted to enslave our Nation and future generations with Billionaire Bailouts. You want Socialized medicine. You cannot take a firm stand on Obama's horrible, racist Supreme Court nominee. You simply show no leadership and choose to follow the wrong dogs home.

You do not support an Audit of the federal reserve. Why? What are you and your buddies hiding?

You have long ago lost your way and become RINO, Chuck. It is really hard to tell you apart from Harkin anymore. Please take advantage of the incredibly lucrative retirement plan you Congress-critters have set yourselves up with (Ron Paul again shows great leadership by refusing to take part in that scam). You are wasting Senate space and voting power on behalf of hard-working, struggling Iowans like my family. Please use your Golden Parachute and let someone who really cares about Iowa and America try to clean up your mess.

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