Gary P's Email to Representative James R. Langevin

08/25/2011 05:47

I gave you a grade of F.

  I finally after the first 2 1/2 years of this current administration decided to write you elected officials and express my total dissatisfaction on the way our great country is heading. This president has no clue on how to run this country. Every single day you listen to some new scam he has come up with. Obama care is a mess, and will eventually break us. Look at all the corporations that are getting an opt out. Sad. His green energy ambition, with General Electrics push is bankrupting, and putting our coal industry, and oil industry at the breaking point, and look at all the jobs lost!! His discerning attitude for the average American is a travesty, but for the illegal’s is his pet project (more voters I am sure) His hypocrisy and arrogance are unacceptable’ We the American voter expect you to stand up to all these despicable policies. His compulsive attempts to step all over our great Constitution have to be unacceptable. If your love for this great country is sincere you and your colleges must stand up and say no to these socialist policies!!!! And I want to know why George Soros is not being investigated for all the shady Socialist deals he is financing?? When will the American people and all you elected representatives realize just how dangerous this men is?? Please wake up!!!! This downgrade of our debt is just another example of this presidents failed policies. What more proof do you elected officials need to see where this country is headed!!

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