Richard D's Email to Senator Susan M. Collins

01/24/2012 09:50

I gave you a grade of F for failing the country.  If the Republican party has any hope of retaining a senate seat in this coming election or when Collins runs again, they are going to need to put forth some ACTUAL Republican candidates.  Both Snowe and Collins should be running as Democrats, that is in fact what they are.  Neither has any fiscal responsibility, and neither could see a real solution if their life depended on it.  All Snowe and Collins can do is pander to the rich, take care of themselves, and fail the rest of the country.

We need an entirely new system.  One in which the members of congress cannot vote themselves a raise, enact laws that do not apply to them, or garner perks and benefits that far outweigh those in private sector jobs.  The lavish retirement benefits alone are an insult to every hard working taxpayer that has not spent their life working so a few greedy politicians can reap unlimited rewards.

Although I have never voted for a Democratic candidate in my life, I will do so when my other choice is either Snowe or Collins.  Getting a tax and spend Democrat just to get rid of Snowe and Collins seems to be the only way out of the mess our congressional representatives have created for this country.  Everyday Snowe and Collins goes to work in Washington on the backs of taxpayers is another day this country declines.

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