Dawn B's Email to Senator Charles E. Schumer

02/05/2012 10:01

Either Obama has developed a mental illness or he's smokin' dope in the White House.  Either way, he should be placed in-patient as he thinks taxpayers should be on the hook to borrow more from the bank of China to help people with bad mortgages.

The resolution to the mortgage crisis is clear if you're all going to meddle in it, and that is pass a law forcing the banks who were the crooks in the first place to take the hit and re-mortgage with lower rates and a sane contract.  Greed of the banks and borderline illegal practices caused the mortgage problems and they need to be the ones to bail out the consumer with the profits they made, even if they have to recall high dividends and bonuses from their employees and investors.  It's their fault and they should be forced to do the right and appropriate moves to correct it.  Not Taxpayers.

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