Ian M's Email to Senator Mitch McConnell

02/25/2012 05:12

I gave you a grade of F.after hearing your comments recently to a member of the Kentucky Hemp Initiative, you sir must remember back when you and D Boone were growing hemp in Kentucky and Kentucky supplied the world with this plant for fiber, oil, food. Are you so stupid you dont know the difference between hemp and Cannibus? perhaps it is time to take your tired ould rear end back into the woods you crawled out of and make way for a true patriot. You sir have out lived you usefullness in congress if not on this planet, get out before we fire your bovine dung spewing yap

YOU SIR ARE the PROBLEM with DC perhaps Dummy Carter needs another laborer you know a real job instead of leeching from the teat of government as you have for more than a quarter century. I sir will never vote for you nor ilk such as yourself ever again


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