Henry B's Email to Representative Tom Reed

05/16/2012 20:23

I'm asking to you fix Medicare in this respect. My husband had to have oxygen in the home for a couple of weeks and I just learned that even though he only needed to use the oxygen machine for two weeks that Medicare Insurance Rules mandate that the rental company gets paid for a full 30 days, which means we are forced to pay for a full 30 days of whatever our Medicare Supplimental insurance doesn't cover, This is outrageous. The rental company gets paid twice once they rent the machine to someone else within a few days.

We shouldn't be forced to pay for days that we aren't using medical rental equipment and Medicare shouldn't be paying for it either. No wonder Medicare is in financlal trouble with this behavior going on.

I sent a message regarding this to the following for help about this as well. Please don't sit on this and help Seniors as well as Medicare save money. I will keep sending this to members of Congress until someone steps up and fixes it. I may even go to the media with my mission to stop this insane rule in medicare.

This has been senrt to Sen Gillibrand, Sen Cantor, Sen McCain.

Thank you, Dawn Bennett - Henry Bennett's

I've sent this to Sen Schumer and Rep. Palosi as well.

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