Harry H's Email to Senator Richard Burr

11/27/2012 05:17

I gave you a grade of C.  When I called your office to speak with you regarding important matters relevant to my community, I was told you were not only "not available" but there was no ready provision to get a message to you.  Your grade of "C" may be changed depending on your future performance but it will never be a "B".  You must know that as our elected representative, you must perform to "A" standard or go back to practicing law where a "B" or "C" is more acceptable.  Now to my main point:

This week there is a matter on the Hill regarding the government's "right" to enter my email box and without warrant, read my personal email.  I will most certainly regard this as a flagrant violation of my Contitutional rights.  As you should well know, our Constitutions 4th Amendment in the Bill of Rights guarantees our freedom from unreasonable searches and seizures.  I fully expect you to vehemently fight to uphold that Right.  THAT is why you are employed as our Representative and you should have no doubt whatsoever that if you fail to represent us to continue to honor the intention of our Contitution, you will be practicing law again in 5 years.

Yes, I am serious about this.  We all are.  You should be too.  There is not time for chit chat and perfunctory talk about these matters at hand.  You must make sure the people in Washington are well apprised of our insistence that our Rights not only be honored but carried forward on a banner to squash even the thought of modifying and/or changing. 

Now please go forward with a plan to correct the stupid thinking that has been allowed to permeate Washington DC.  It's getting quite tiresome and I am weary from the stress of what you nuts will do next.

Thank you for reading and thank you for your service.

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