Dawn B's Email to Senator Charles E. Schumer

01/03/2013 19:18

Those who want to control gun ownership for a few wingnuts are just as psycotic as the few wingnuts.  Here this letter is for you too! http://nation.foxnews.com/politics/2013/01/02/no-ma-am-letter-us-marine-dianne-feinstein-goes-viral 

So many on Facebook say the same thing.  No way, no how, uh ah!  The real problem is that when a person reaches the age of 18 that the family and friends of said wingnut cannot legally have the said wingnut psychologically evaluated.  That is what is wrong here and you gun grabbers know it.  Fix the wingnut issue because that is the only issue that needs addressing.  Timothy McVie didn't have a gun in OKC! 

The only reason you all want our guns is so you can oppress us like black slaves of the past.  Some liberal you are!  You're not for liberty at all!  You certainly are not a defender of our constitution either.  No sir Massa, I ain't a gonna give up my rights as it tooks me long time to get some! 

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