Beverly T's Email to Senator Mitch McConnell

02/04/2013 13:34

I gave you a grade of C.  When am I going to hear my Senator stand up and tell the truth about gun control?  Guns are not the problem.  Societal decay is the problem and it's getting worse all the time.  Instead of trying to limit the citizens right to defend themselves and country if need be, why don't you ban the violence spewed forth by the media and the entertainment industry.  Our children are being innundated with sex and violence from all sides.  That's what needs to be  pointed out to our citizenry and more of you need to stand up against the destruction of the Constitution and moral values.  Stop funding educational instutions that spew only liberal values and require they be balanced with conservative values if they get any taxpayer dollars.  Speak out loud and clear for American values.

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